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If your looking for dog training in the Tampa Bay area, Lakeland, Brandon, Sarasota, or Saint Petersburg area, then you have access to the most qualified dog training available. The majority of people, even some of your closest friends, have at one time or another struggled to live in harmony with the dogs they love.
It doesn't have to stay that way, we can help you train your dog!
I've personally had the privilege over the years to meet and train countless dogs from all around the world. I've worked side-by-side with people who desperately need help with the pets they love because for one reason or another they struggle to live in harmony.


Carrie and AjaxSome of our clients are interested in teaching their dogs commands like heel, sit, down, stay, and come... others are trying to correct more dangerous behaviors like extreme aggression, socialization issues, and dog on dog aggression.We welcome them all. It doesn't matter whether you're interested in teaching your dog basic or advanced off leash training, if you're training for competition, or even preparing your best friend for the "big screen" as a dog actor. We are here to help you each step of the way and are committed to working with you until you achieve the training result you're looking for. We've built our rock solid reputation on the fact that we welcome each dog that we train with the same level of love and determination we have for our own pets. We won't settle until we've reached your goal! We love what we do, and we want you to finally experience the many freedoms that a well behaved canine companion has to offer.


When The Student is ready, The Teacher Appears    We're looking forward to meeting you and your pet! Call 813-770-9834


Correct Unwanted Behaviors and Start Training Today with Carrie Silva.

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ATF Canines

Throughout the past 2.5 years, Carrie Silva has assisted the federal government in the selection and training of their Special Response Team (SRT) canines. Ms. Silva has conducted foundation obedience and aggression training with six (6) SRT canines, to include the latest canine in August, 2010. The outstanding foundation training of these dogs by Ms. Silva has allowed the handler and canine to move more rapidly into tactical canine training, and thus increasing their potential for success during high-risk operations.
Special Response Team - ATF Academy


The Doghouse LLC has been the most wonderful investment in my German Shepherd puppy Barron for obedience training and protection training. Prior to Carrie and Ivan working with my 1 year old GSD, he was nearly impossible to take on walks without him pulling where he wanted to go and he had a mind all his own without interest in my commands to sit, heal, stay. I took him to the local pet store with in-house training using the "clicker" and it had limited success. Carrie had Baron following all commands perfectly and walking with me instead of dragging me where he wanted. He is perfect with other dogs and especially children and I can actually walk him off leash with the best obedience to my commands. People always ask me where he was trained and they love his happiness and responsiveness. He is PERFECT for me and our neighborhood! Thanks to Carrie and Ivan, I have a strong and beautiful German Shepherd dog which is now great to walk in public and he behaves at home equally well! Thank you both!!!
Keith Clark, Forth Worth - TX


Our household is much more relaxed as Nola's out of control behavior had an adverse effect on our other dog. Now, both are much calmer. Carrie and Maureen also taught us other nifty tricks, like how to make our dogs "place" so they are not jumping all over guests. Now, they wait to be greeted. The Dog House training we all received has had a positive impact on our lives. Most notably is how much more relaxed our lives have become. We do not have the aggressive barking every time a dog walks by, and there is no agonizing over when and where to walk the dogs in order to avoid a fight while still making sure they are exercised. I can even talk to my neighbors as they are no longer in fear for their dogs lives! The best part is that Nola is a much happier, calmer dog. We still practice with Nola daily . The words "Carrie said..." have become part of our regular conversations as Nola is a bit stubborn and pushes the envelope when she can-after all, Carrie changed her behavior and not her personality. But, now we know how to deal with it, and that has made all the difference.
Mark and Maribeth Wetzel - St. Petersburg, FL


I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are to have met you. We believe you are a God sent and you are going to change all three of our lives. I also wanted to say that what you do for people and their animals is a gift beyond words and I think the world (or at least Florida) needs to know about you. You are so smart and so good at what you do and there are too many dog parents giving up their pets because they don't know where to turn. You really should start video taping your meetings and your training. What you did for Roxy in just 20 minutes yesterday made a difference and your techniques need to be out there for people to see and learn from. Fond Regards,
Jennifer, Sid, and Roxy


Hi Carrie, Just wanted to tell you how great Ava is doing after her bootcamp with you!! I have being meaning to write you sooner but I'm so busy with work! Ava is such an awesome house pet, I know most of your dogs turn out to be titled/working dogs etc... but she is a perfect pet for us!! Thanks for your training all of her bad habits have not returned!!! I always have people telling me gave beautiful she is!! Thanks
Kathy Lewis

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Carrie and AjaxWe have worked with hundreds of wonderful dogs and owners and have many more testimonials!
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Correct Unwanted Behaviors and Start Training Today with Carrie Silva.