A common theme in many of our meet and greets and future evaluations is for a client to say, “I feel so bad that my dog has developed this issue,” or that “I should have done a better job of training my dog myself.” Many of you may have guilt around the fact that your dog has issues or isn’t acting the way you want them to.

The reality is that you contacting us to book a meet and greet or scheduling an evaluation means that you have already gone above and beyond what many dog owners ever do for their dog. You are committing 100% to your dog and their future, and you are investing in the rest of their life. You accept that you will miss them for three weeks while they are learning new skills. You are accepting that you are going to have to learn your own new skills. You accept that you will have to change your lifestyle to make your dog successful when they come home.

One of the most beautiful things about dogs is that they really live in the moment. Dogs are not sitting around thinking about whatever habits they learned before or the obedience they didn’t learn as a puppy. They adapt as we show them new ways to act and the right way to move through life. If you are one of the clients who think you have failed your dog before, you have already moved past this and have given your dog the gift of training. Allow yourself and your dog to move forward and fully enjoy this new phase of your lives together.