Here are 3 common issues why your electric collar may be malfunctioning:

Electric collars can be a very versatile tool in the right hands. They can allow you to correct behavior from further away, which makes the timing much better for your dog to understand. E-collars also allow you to proof off-leash obedience in a way that is safe and effective. When taught correctly, we refer to them as an “invisible leash.”  Unfortunately, like all technology, there are sometimes issues that can crop up in the operation of your collar. Here are three of the top reasons why your e-collar might not be working correctly.

Not On Tight Enough

In order for the e-collar to actually work, both of the contact points must be making a connection with your dog’s skin. If one or both of them are not touching, the collar will not deliver the static correction. Always make sure that your collar is sitting high on the neck, with the strap being right behind the ears. You should be able to fit two fingers underneath the strap, and the collar should not be sliding around. One thing that can be a great tool to improve the fit of your collar is a bungee collar. With the bungee strap, you can adjust your collar easily to multiple dogs, and the collar will expand with your dog’s neck if they bite a ball or tug.

Contact Points Are Too Short

Some people may run into an issue where the collar is on snug enough, but their dog’s coat is so thick or long that the contact points still can’t make a connection. The breeds that we typically see with this problem are huskies, Australian shepherds, Shiba Inus, and other dense coated breeds. Fortunately, there are several different products on the market to help eliminate this issue. E-Collar Technologies sells several different contact point types, and the one that we have had the best luck with is the winged contacts. These contact points can get through any coat type, and give consistent contacts.

Battery Issues

We only recommend brands of collars to our clients when we know that they are reliable, but even then, you can run into battery issues. These can show up as the battery not charging, the charge not lasting very long, or the collar not turning on after you unplug it. E-Collar Technologies has some of the best customer services in the country, and there is a toll-free number on the back of their remotes that you can call to troubleshoot any collar issue.


If you have any other concerns about how your collar works, feel free to contact us to help you troubleshoot.