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Please fill out the form below so we can have a better understanding of your dog and your needs. You will be contacted via email or phone. Current vaccination records are required before bringing your dog for training.

For frequently asked questions please go to the FAQ page.

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To reserve a spot in the program you will need to:

  • Contact the training facility (727) 201-9790 or send an email to:
  • A trainer will contact you to discuss your pet, training goals, and/or any behavior issues you are currently experiencing
  • We will then set up a meet/greet to tour the facility and meet the trainers so we can further evaluate your dog for the program (Bring the Full Service Training Application along with a copy of your dog’s vaccination records)
  • You can reserve your spot in on of our Full Service Training Programs at that point. A deposit is required to hold your pet’s start date.

If you have certain dates in mind (or if you are trying to plan training around a vacation, etc) please include those dates and we will try to accommodate your plans. It is normal for us to be on a 4-6 week wait because we limit the amount of Full Service Dogs we take for the program. This ensures the quality of dog training your dog receives and allows for generalization of the training commands all around town.

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