Dog Training Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some questions we receive often. If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, contact us!   We would be happy to personally address your questions and concerns.

What will my dog learn during their Full Service Training?

Your dog will reliably learn obedience commands, including Heel, Sit, Down, Place, Come, Stay, Car/Door Stays, and OK (the release). We address manners such as jumping, running first through doors, waiting before exiting, barking, and pushy behaviors. We also tailor the program to any specific issues you are having and incorporate those into the program. Before you leave your dog with us, all goals and training expectations are detailed and outlined. We stay in contact throughout the program with pictures, text, and progression videos. We require 3 transitions to ensure owners confidently learn all their dog’s new commands. Lastly, we continue to observe your progress once your dog is home by inviting previous graduates to 3 consecutive group classes we hold monthly at a local park. Here is a video playlist of dogs who graduated from our Full Service Training Program.

Will my dog listen to me after the Full Service Training program?

Yes!  We stand behind the results of our Full Service Training with decades of trained dogs and pleased clients. You will reliably see your dog’s obedience through the 2 progression videos we send. Now it is your turn to show your dog the same accountability! The most important thing to remember is a trainer can’t make your dog respect you. Mutual respect transfers through consistency, joint outlets, and partnership. We lay the ideal foundation to create that, and once you see how fulfilled your dog is through training, it will motivate you to continue. Everybody thrives with a purpose, and we help fulfill this for both parties. 

Who will be training my dog?

You will meet the trainers handling your dog during the meet and greet. Carrie and Liz take 6 dogs at a time and take pride in the quality that goes into your individual dog’s training. Each trainer at The Doghouse, LLC has decades of experience and the credentials to back it up. Click here to see credentials.

Other fantastic staff members assist the kennel by keeping your dog fed, socialized, and healthy.

Is it ok if my kids are involved in the training?

Depending on the age and maturity of your kids, they can have some part in the training. The trainers can guide the family with options in your dog’s best interest. Sometimes a great way to get younger kids involved with the training is to teach them games to play with the dog, assist in feeding routines, and show them healthy leadership/boundaries around the family pet. During the transition lessons, it is encouraged that the entire family is present so that everybody is clear of the new commands and rules.

I have more than one dog that needs training. Can they be trained together?

Yes. We evaluate each dog separately and then together to determine the optimal training for each dog. If two or more dogs are involved in training, it is sometimes beneficial to use 2 different languages so that the dogs don’t get confused about whom you are commanding. We will help you decide whether sending the dogs individually or together is best. We have successfully done both. It comes down to the dogs’ best interest and the family dynamic. Here are videos of family dogs that have graduated. 

How long is the application process for the Full Service Training?

The application process is to reserve your spot for the training. The Doghouse, LLC takes 6 training dogs at a time. It is essential to put a deposit down if you have specific dates around a vacation. Holidays are another time when training gets booked quickly. The average wait for the Full Service Program is 4-6 weeks. If other unexpected instances requiring you to be out of town or family emergencies occur, The Doghouse, LLC will work hard to accommodate your schedule.

What do I need to bring with me for the Full Service Training?

Bring the food your dog is currently eating. If we need to administer flea/tick prevention or heart guard, put it in a plastic bag with the given date. Florida Statutes require your dog’s up-to-date shot records. Provide those along with their current rabies information. You are welcome to bring their dog bed or approved toys that can be left in their kennel overnight. Remember that they may not go home in the same condition, so bring washable bedding. 

Can I visit my dog while they are in the Full Service Training?

We know you will miss your companion while they are away. The Doghouse, LLC provides numerous text/picture updates and 2 progression videos of your dog’s training progress throughout the program. We would never tell a client that they can’t visit their dog. We find that some dogs will be indifferent to visits, but others can get confused if their owners come and go. If we are concerned, we will discuss the possible effects of visiting but respect your decision to see your dog at any point. The trainers need to bond and develop a partnership with your dog. This bonding is an essential step in the learning process and an important consideration around visits. We encourage our training program to be interactive with the client, and we are constantly in contact with training updates.

Do you offer refresher training?

We offer a Refresher Full Service Training for previous program graduates. If you are planning a vacation, consider using this time and keep your dog’s obedience skills sharp while continuing to challenge them. We also offer 3 consecutive group lessons after your dog graduates at a local park so that you can practice your obedience around other dogs and distractions. It is called our Proofing Class. This group class is a great way to keep your dog socialized with other dogs/owners while practicing your obedience in real-life training scenarios, all under a trainer’s expert supervision!

What comes next after the Full Service Training?

We offer the AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluation, Advanced Obedience, Off Leash Training, Sport Training, and Service Dog Training.

When and how do I pay?

On the first day of training, half the balance is due, and the final balance is when the dog goes home. When reserving dates for a Full Service Training Program, you must place a non-reimbursable deposit to secure a spot for your dog. The deposit goes towards the balance of the training. If you are paying for Private Lessons, payment is due at the end of the session. Pay boarding fees when you pick up your dog. The Doghouse, LLC accepts cash, credit, Venmo, and personal checks.

Which Full Service Training Program should I choose?

If you are unsure which program best fits your dog’s needs, The Doghouse, LLC can help. Customizing a program to fit your dog’s interests or answering any questions you might have is just a phone call away. We can also set up a meet/greet to evaluate your dog for the best program according to issues (if any) and your training goals. 

Should I choose Private Lessons or a Full Service Training Program?

When choosing between Full-Service Training or Private Lessons, consider the following:

  • How much time do you have to put into the training?
  • Will it be best for your dog to submerge your dog in a “training environment”?
  • How consistent can your training be at home during the learning stages?
  • How consistent will other family members be so the dog doesn’t get confused or frustrated?

These are important reasons why one training program might be a better choice. Making the right decision can help your dog better enjoy learning and obedience. The right decision can also help you better reach your training goals.

With a Full-Service Training Program, The Doghouse, LLC, does all the foundation work until the obedience is consistent and reliable. It will then be your job to prepare the family for a trained dog. Reinforcing the commands at home will be important in helping your dog listen in their home environment. The most successful clients are the ones that continue to incorporate the training commands into their daily life at home. A Full-Service Training Program takes the stress off of you to consistently work with the dog multiple times a day around high distractions. It also allows for a professional, experienced trainer to take your dog to a higher standard of training. We know how to push and challenge thresholds, what outlets your dog needs to fulfill them genetically, and how to create reliability within the training, all so you can enjoy your trained dog. 

If learning alongside your dog is important, then Private Lessons will be a better fit. I also encourage newly rescued pets to establish relationships with their owners through Private Lessons. To succeed with Private Lessons, remember you must practice and apply the taught skills in the lessons at home. This process lets you and your dog thoroughly learn the lesson and progress for the following training session.


Why should we choose your company when there are cheaper trainers out there with shorter training programs?

The best advice for choosing a Dog Trainer or Dog Training Facility is to DO THE RESEARCH and tour training facilities! We strongly recommend you do precisely that. We are confident you will find The Doghouse, LLC, in excellent standing on your list of choices. It is important to note that anybody can claim to be a dog trainer; no certifications are required. 

The head trainer, Carrie Silva Wooddell, has been training dogs for almost 20 years and has a wealth of credentials to support her subject matter expertise. Click here to see Carrie Silva Wooddells’ credentials and accomplishments. We provide the highest level of customer service, modifying our services to meet our client’s needs while providing a personal touch through frequent communication and updates.

Here are a few points about The Doghouse, LLC:

  • Safety is our priority
  • Limit of 6 dogs in training at one time (with 2 trainers), providing an excellent dog-to-trainer ratio
  • Provide consistent personal contact with dog owner through video, picture, text, and phone updates
  • The convenience of the location 
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Fully air-conditioned inside kennels protecting your dog from storms and heat
  • Kennel and grounds equipped with video monitoring devices
  • Most of our boarding dogs are previously trained dogs, which ensures a learning environment at all times. We are a dog Montessori school!

We base our prices on many factors, and as a family-owned business, we understand investing in your dog’s life is a significant decision. Our fees reflect our Full Service Program is a one-time commitment with lifetime results. We do not base our prices on what other trainers in the area are charging. Bern’s Steakhouse would never be compared to a fast food restaurant, and why would they? Our decades of proven results and reputation in training dogs towers over the industry, our price points are based upon this standard, and the number of dogs we take to our trainer ratio. We will always maintain the relationship and quality of training results rather than turning over more dogs monthly. Training is an art tailored for your dog and your training goals, complimenting both lifestyles.

Regarding the time we have your dog, our Full-Service Training is 3 weeks long. Remember, you are paying for a package, not a timeline. Yes, other trainers out there claim they can fully train your dog in 1 week, but your dog will not retain reliable obedience in that short time. Here is a blog to support why 1-2 week programs do not create reliable obedience training for your dog. These programs put on a temporary display for you making you think your dog understands their new commands, but the truth is most likely the dog has learned to respect its training tools, not the training. You see the dog running through the motions of training and often can’t replicate those behaviors when tested in different environments or without their electric collars.

Training is a lifestyle partnership with your dog. It takes relationship, consistency, and repetition. Training cannot be forced or rushed, in fairness to the dog. After training at The Doghouse, LLC, your dog will be confident and reliable in their obedience commands and love their new purpose in life.  

We value a connection with each one of our dog and human clients. That relationship is crucial to trusting us and entering into a partnership. You will know we always have your dog’s best interest in mind. When your dog is with us, they become our pet for their stay. When you choose The Doghouse, LLC, you are choosing to support a family-owned business in your community that takes pride in tailoring a training program fit for both you and your dog. We understand our dogs are like our children, and you wouldn’t trust anybody with your child. Your dog’s welfare and safety are always our top priority. When signing up for one of our Full Service Training Programs, you invest in your dog’s life with our training experience and the quality and pride we take in our work. We don’t just train your dog and disappear. We build lifelong relationships with our clients and their dogs. You become part of our Doghouse family.   

About Our Training Facility

Where are you located?

The Doghouse, LLC is conveniently located in the center of the greater St. Petersburg/Tampa area at 4365 62nd Ave N Pinellas Park, FL 33781.

What will my dog’s day look like?

Your dog’s day is structured around numerous training sessions, planned feeding, rest and play.  This program of events is designed to fit each dogs special needs. When dogs enrolled in the Distraction, Socialization, or Aggression Training Programs are ready, a trainer will continue their obedience sessions around various locations in town. 

When your dog is with us for Boarding, his day is structured around outside play times and feeding.

The dogs (both the boarding and training dogs) are divided into play groups according to temperament.  Boarding is extended to our clients that have completed one of our training programs and outside clients whose dogs have passed our meet and greet process. This ensures we are knowledgeable and confident of all temperaments and training levels of our boarding dogs.

Where will my dog sleep?

Your dog will sleep inside in an assigned, air condition kennel. Security cameras are in each room, monitoring your dog at all times.  Nest temperature control devices are also across the entire kennel.  The safety of your dog and the cleanliness standards of The Doghouse, LLC is a top priority. It is our goal to ensure your dog returns home happy, healthy and of course trained!

What are your hours for boarding and pick up?

The Doghouse, LLC is primarily a training facility that extends boarding to previous clients or dogs that have been evaluated through our meet and greet process.  Our drop off and pick up hours are daily between 8:00-6:30 pm. Pickups on Sunday or Holidays are an extra fee.  

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