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The Doghouse has puppies for sale! We started a breeding program with our fabulous Chocolate Labs, TruPride’s Tesa Two Step and TruPride’s Brenham Blue Bell. After getting the privilege to train multiple labs from Erica at TruPride Labradors, we added Tesa and Brenham to The Doghouse family. As a trainer, I have worked with hundreds of families who wanted the “perfect” pet to add to their home. TruPride’s dedication to the breed has resulted in consistently producing the perfect family dog.

All Labs used in our breeding are certified by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). Also, all dogs are cleared from inheritable eye disorders by a certified Vet of Ophthalmologist and registered by CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation). We conduct DNA tests that ensure our dogs are not affected by genetic issues such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Exercised Induced Collapse, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis, Centronuclear Myopathy, and do not carry the “dilute” color gene.

Our puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registration, unless we agree otherwise. With the AKC Limited Registration, competition in obedience, agility, field trails and hunting test are permitted. Full Registration will be for dogs that will actively be shown in the dog conformation ring. Puppies are ready to go to their homes when they are 8 weeks old. Your puppy will come with AKC registration papers, first series of puppy shots, and a veterinary health certificate.

TruPride’s Labs have the perfect balance of what a family dog should be. Both Tesa and Brenham have rock solid temperaments, high thresholds/tolerances for children, love to play ball, swim, go for stroller walks, lay on the floor with the kiddos when they watch movies, follow them around everywhere, and both truly enjoy being part of our family. They have amazing ball drive, food motivation and are extremely biddable making them a great prospect for any working dog job. If you have questions about what puppy breeds would be the best fit for your family or if you are interested in reserving a puppy from one of Tesa’s or Brenham’s upcoming litters, send us an email and we will contact you soon.

Puppies for Sale


TruPride’s Tesa Two Step


TruPride’s Brenham Blue Bell

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