Stop Your Dog From Chewing Up Your House

You Need To Understand Why Dogs Chew in Order To Stop it


A chewing dog is often one of the most frustrating dogs that we as dog owners deal with due to its destructive consequence. It can often cost us our most valued items such as furniture, shoes, or whatever else satisfies the dog’s needs. But dog chewing is easily correctable.

Dogs chew for many reasons, which can include frustration, teething, anxiety, boredom and even obsessive indulgence.

At its worst; dogs that are really intent on chewing can divert their attention from the tables, shoes, purses, etc and turn the chewing into self-destructive behavior which can cause bleeding, infection and a plethora of other issues once it begins. Areas of the body most found to be chewed are legs and tail. They become irritated and itchy leading to more chewing and scratching. This is most often a vicious circle leading to an unhappy pet as well as a disappointed and frustrated owner.

Do not dismiss excessive dog chewing as normal. You should handle it as soon as you understand that there is a problem.

Puppy Chewing

When it comes to puppies they chew when they are teething often for the first 4-6 months. Do not punish this behavior rather control what the puppy chews and when.

If you are lucky enough to bring a puppy into your life, create structure from the moment he/she arrives. A good example is what rooms he can go in, and what rooms he can’t. Once you have created this structure, you are well on your way to correcting your chewing puppies issue.

Insure your pup or adult dog as adequate toys. This will help to prevent them from destroying the remainder of the house and all its belongings. When you’re at the pet store and you want to select great toys for your dog but the isle is full of hundreds to choose from, do not buy toys that mimic items in the house you are trying to prevent them from chewing on. They will not take the time or understand how to determine the difference between the two.

Focus on bones and toys that are meant to be used as a chewing toy. Make sure the bones will not splinter or break which can potentially cause a choking hazard to the pet.

You must teach them the boundaries, however, understand they also have physical and mental needs. If you understand and satisfy these needs life gets much better for you both. The issues of the chewing dog will diminish.

What You Can Do To Stop The Chewing (of your valuables!)

Get some sort of toy box that is located in a central area of your home. When you catch your dog chewing on something no appropriate then go over to the toy box and start playing with the dogs toys.

By making the toys become “alive” the dog will become more excited to interact with his toys.

I prefer using KONG toys, NYLABONES, and hard toys as opposed to the stuffed animals and destructive toys. Take time also to stuff also the KONG and hide it in the toy box for your dog to find. With this method the dog will check his toy box daily!