We considered it spring training at The Doghouse.  We got the awesome opportunity to work with a variety of baseball pros and their amazing dog companions.

Congratulations to the recent graduates for completing The Full Service training at The Doghouse, LLC.:

David Price and his French Bulldog named Astro, Wade and Katelyn Davis and their German Shepherd named Charlie, Jeff Niemann and his Tervuern named Sadie, and Barry Bonds and his Belgian Shepherd named Genghis.

The Full Service Training was the best program for these baseball players because of their busy lives and travel schedules.  The program is a 3 week in kennel training.  We send picture updates, 2 progression videos of the dogs performing their new skills and then after all the training has taken place, we have 3 transition lessons with the owners in numerous environments.  There is a huge difference in training your own dog as opposed to learning how to handle your trained dog.  Now these families get to enjoy the perks of a fully trained dog and it is so imperative especially when they are constantly on the move.  These dogs understand their basic obedience commands (such as heeling on/off leash, sit, down, stay, come and place).  No matter what town or environment they are in, the obedience is the consistent.  These pet dogs need to be adaptable to change and reliable obedience training helps them with that.  You can train close family members and friends how to handle your trained dog because of now having a common language within the obedience.

A few of the guys have gotten another dog and because they know The Doghouse training system, it is easy for them to handle their new edition after we train them because they have already had the lessons with the commands and methods.

Now for the ESPN TOP 10 highlights from this years dog training season!