We had a great year of Full Service training at The Doghouse, and are so proud of all of the dogs who have graduated from the program. Here are some of the dogs we had the privilege of working with this year.

Lucia, Pit Bull

Lucia is a lovely young pit bull mix who was problematic to walk because of how much she pulled on the leash. She has made great progress, and is now a joy to walk.

Emma, Yellow Labrador

Emma is a young yellow lab who needed a solid foundation of obedience to ensure that she would be a well mannered adult, and so that her owners could enjoy taking her to the park and playing fetch with her off leash.

Lumos, Doodle

Lumos is a doodle who arrived for training to learn not to steal things off the counter, how to walk nicer on a leash, and how to still follow commands even when there are lots of distractions around.

Tiloo, Chocolate Lab

Tiloo is a chocolate lab from TruPride labradors, and she is a fantastic representation of her breed. Tiloo is always up for adventure, and she had a great time during her training program.

Sammie, White Lab

Sammie is a white or English Creme labrador retriever who is learning reliable obedience. She used to have issues at home with running away and chasing birds and squirrels, and now she is much easier to have out and about.

Vinny, Blue Doberman

Vinny is a Doberman who came to training due to being very impulsive and difficult to walk. He made great progress during training, and is now much easier to take to the park and to go for walks.

Finn and Chewi, Basenjis

Finn and Chewi came for training due to aggression issues toward people and dogs. Our protocol includes muzzle conditioning, resocializing them both with other dogs, teaching them appropriate communication with people and dogs, and obedience to help manage them around strangers.

Penny, Visla

Penny is a young Visla who is full of energy! This working breed thrives when they are given a job, but that job doesn’t need to be hunting birds. We can use functional obedience to channel her mental energy and help keep her fulfilled.

Riley, Shiba Inu

Riley is a Shiba Inu, a very independent breed of dog that originated in Japan. Riley has great food drive and is very social, and both of these traits made it easy for us to motivate her to perform obedience behaviors.

Whiskey, Mixed Breed

Whiskey is a rescue dog who came to us very fearful and nervous of all environments. We have slowly seen her blossom and develop into a dog who gets mote confident by the day. Obedience can provide her with security and consistency.

Lucy, German Shepherd

Lucy the GSD came to training due to issues with lunging at children and small dogs. We re-socialized Lucy to smaller dogs so that she learned that they weren’t as bad as they sometimes seem on leash. She was also muzzle conditioned for safety reasons when in uncontrolled settings.

Zeus, French Bulldog

Zeus is a young French Bulldog who had some issues with reactivity and impulsive behavior around other dogs. He made wonderful progress during training with us and loves doing obedience and earning rewards and praise for his hard work.

Chase, Doodle

Chase is a great doodle who came to training to learn a solid recall, and better leash manners. We also worked a lot on his greetings, so that he can be more polite when meeting people and not jump all over them.

Daisy, Standard Poodle

Daisy is a standard poodle who had issues with reactivity toward strangers, as well as a propensity to ignore recall commands and run off. We love how much her confidence has grown, and are very happy with her progress.

Piper, Briard

Briards are a French breed bred to herd sheep, and they are not a breed that you run into very often! Piper had issues with aggression toward people and dogs, but made fantastic progress with her sociability while in training.

Dixie, Lab/Rottie Mix

Dixie is a labrador/Rottweiler mix who had issues with reactivity and aggression toward other dogs. She made great progress with her on and off leash obedience, and can now be in social settings with other dogs.

Maggie, White GSD

Maggie is a white German Shepherd who was reactive toward strangers, and who had one bite on her record. We helped build her confidence and her sociability, and gave her owner lots of tools to help manage Maggie in any situation.

Tyson, Rottie

Tyson is a Rottweiler who needed leash manners ASAP, because his size made him very difficult to walk when he was pulling on the leash. He has a great temperament, and was a joy to work with.

Koda, Golden Retriever

Koda graduated about a year ago from Full Service, and returned for a week of training for more advanced work and to fade out all of his training tools.

Jetty, Golden Retriever

Jetty is a very impulsive Golden Retriever who liked to pull on the leash, jump on people, and bark at every dog he saw. Now Jetty is much more enjoyable to take to places like a cafe or a park.

Pepper, Visla

At 5 years old, Pepper has just as much energy as a puppy! Vislas are a very high energy breed, and they need to have a job to really be satisfied in life. We taught Pepper lots of behaviors that her owners can use to channel her energy.

Teddy, Pyr Mix

Teddy is a Great Pyrenees mix who came to us because he had significant fear issues and needed intervention to build his confidence. He went from trying to hide from every stranger he saw to being able to confidently walk down the street downtown.

Sandy, Mini Aussie

Sandy the mini aussie has a big personality! Training helped her work through issues of chasing and nipping at kids in the house, charging the door, pulling on leash, and refusing to come back inside from the yard.

StanLee, Mixed Breed

StanLee is a terrier mix who had issues wanting to lunge at people, dogs, and even garbage trucks! We showed StanLee that things in his environment aren’t as scary as he thinks, and that he doesn’t need to defend himself from everything he sees.

Bubba, German Shepherd

Bubba is a German shepherd puppy who was very exuberant and hard to handle for his owner. We gave him a great foundation in obedience that made him much easier to handle and to live with.

Boca, Pudelpointer

Boca the Pudelpointer came to training to learn reliable obedience so that his 10 year old owner could easily walk him and take him to the park. He is also working toward being a therapy dog.

Bella, Airedale

Airedales are referred to as “king of the terriers” due to their size. Bella is a former graduate, and she came back for a refresher to work on fading out all of her training tools.

Lexi, Cavalier King Charles

Lexi the Cavalier is full of energy and spunk, and we were able to channel all of that energy into obedience behaviors that make her easier to manage. She has some of the highest food drive of any toy dog we have ever seen, which makes her easy to motivate, but also requires some extra impulse control work.

Astro, Australian Shepherd

Astro the Aussie is a dog who had been boarding with us on and off during his entire puppyhood, and we finally got to train him 🙂 He is a typical high energy aussie, and loved being given jobs to do.

Ryker, Husky/German Shepherd Mix

Ryker is a Husky/Shepherd mix who had big issues with reactivity toward other dogs, and with doing recalls off leash. We were able to get him reliable with all of his obedience, no matter what other dogs were around.