There is no better Christmas present than a well-trained dog! Our December clients were awesome, and we are so proud of everyone who graduated last month.


Eli, Mixed Breed from Clearwater Beach

Eli graduated from our Socialization Program. He had a history of lunging and snapping at people on the street, and was reactive toward other dogs. Eli’s issues were based in fear and insecurity, and he needed clear leadership to help him move forward. Through confidence building and obedience, Eli has turned over a new leaf.

Ollie, Australian Shepherd from St Petersburg

Ollie is a typical young Aussie, and his exuberant behavior got him into lots of trouble. His antics included jumping on guests, eating a couch, biting at his owners and his leash, and stealing things around the house. We gave him outlets for his energy and clear rules, and now he is thriving as a well mannered part of the family.

Honey, Yellow Lab from Washington DC

Honey’s parents were referred to us, and drove all the way from Washington DC to send their awesome young labrador to training. Training is best done when dogs are younger, as we can lay groundwork for good behavior rather than having to work through lots of bad behavior. Honey is now a model citizen, ready to take on the big city.

Marley, Doberman from Seminole

If you follow our daycare and boarding updates, you may recognize this handsome Doberman! Marley came to training because his exuberant behavior was becoming dangerous. Jumping can be cute as a puppy, but can quickly become a problem as dog’s get bigger and stronger. Marley’s jumping habit is now a thing of the past, and he got a great foundation that will serve him for the rest of his life.

Owen, Giant Schnauzer from Lakeland

Owen is an absolutely gorgeous Giant Schnauzer who was a joy to have for Full Service Dog Training. His mom works in hospice care, and Owen needed to be able to help her out as a therapy dog. Not many dogs are suited to this work, but Owen was a great candidate. We are looking forward to following his career.

Bowser, Golden Retriever from Tampa

Bowser is a beautiful white Golden Retriever who went through our Distraction Training program. His naughty behaviors included being crazy in the car, mouthing people, jumping up and grabbing clothes, and hoarding sticks. Training is key whenever these behaviors start to develop so that they do not become habits.

Maggie, Standard Poodle from Brooksville

Maggie is a young Standard Poodle who was a quirky addition to the program. Like most poodles, Maggie is very smart, which got her into a bit of trouble in the counter surfing department. She needed outlets for her mental energy as well as physical exercise, and obedience training was the perfect solution.