June is one of the toughest months to train dogs in Florida, and we generally are only able to work in cooler mornings and late evenings when it isn’t quite so hot outside. We had a great group of dogs this month, and are very pleased with everyone’s progress.

Bandit the Corgi from Pinellas Park, FL

Bandit is a Corgi who showcased all of the typical traits that you see in the breed. While they may be small, corgis are tough, energetic dogs who do best when given a job to channel their innate drives. We worked with Bandit to make him easier to live with in the house, and easier to manage during high distraction times.

Diana the Australian Shepherd from Clearwater, FL

Diana’s dream job would be a Walmart greeter! She is a very happy, social Aussie who loves saying hello to everyone in her neighborhood. We worked with her to establish both obedience and manners, and now Diana can politely greet all of her friends without jumping all over them or dragging her owners around.

King the Labrador Retriever from Tampa, FL

King is a chocolate lab who was bred by TruPride Labradors. He is a typical energetic puppy who needed to learn some manners so that he would be a better fit for his active family. Now that King knows commands like “heel” and “come”, he is easier to take out and about and to handle around distractions.

Penny Lane the Doodle from Tampa, FL

Penny Lane is a doodle who used to be a master thief! She would steal sponges and food off of the counter tops in her house, and would also chew on the baseboards and the bannister. We tackled these issues through a multi-pronged approach that included giving her better outlets, teaching her a solid communication system, and showing her right vs wrong in a way that she could understand.

Tucker the English Creme Lab from Seminole, FL

Tucker is not your typical lab. He struggled with fear issues, including lots of alert barking in the backyard, trying to bolt away when on walks, and fearful urination whenever guests would come over. We are thrilled with the progress that he made while with us, and he is now able to relax on his place when guests come over, and walk politely with his owner when they are out and about.

Sophie the German Shepherd from Palm Harbor, FL

Sophie is a German Shepherd who was sent to us to create a reliable foundation of obedience when she was 5 months old. She has great food and toy drive, which makes it easy to motivate her to do obedience, and her great temperament makes it easy for her to handle new environments.

Harriet the Sheepadoodle from St Pete, FL

Harriet is another doodle who thinks its a lot of fun to counter surf. She had a lot of excess energy that she used to make mischief at home. Giving her new outlets and a good system of reward and correction made it easy to show her the right way to behave both at home and in public.