Congratulations to all of our Full Service graduates from the month of October! This has been an exciting month, with a huge variety in breeds, temperaments, and lifestyles to help dogs fit into. We hope to see all of these graduates at our monthly group class on November 17th at 9:30 AM!

Shiloh, a German Shepherd from St Petersburg, Florida

Shiloh came to us for basic obedience, in addition to a few issues she was having around the house and neighborhood. She was terrified of certain noises, particularly loud cars and motorcycles, which made her difficult to walk. Shiloh also liked to chase cats, jump on people, and steal food off the counter! She made great progress in both her confidence and her manners, and will have a nice long life as an obedient family pet.

Sansa, a Visla from Tampa, Florida

We were super excited for Sansa to come for training, as it isn’t very often that we get to work with a Visla. This high energy, high drive breed needs lots of outlets in order to keep them satisfied. We challenged Sansa with retrieve games, off leash obedience, and impulse control proofing to push her to the next level.

Koko, a Standard Poodle from Palmetto, FL

Koko was a typical poodle in a lot of ways. Trainable, smart, eager to please. But she was rescued from a situation where she was not well socialized, and struggled with leash reactivity toward dogs. We are thrilled with the progress that she made while with us, and she is now able to be out in big play groups during boarding, and can walk past dogs on the street with no issue.

Bella, an Irish Doodle from St Pete, Florida

Bella was a unique case for us. This Poodle/Irish Setter cross struggled with confidence issues, reactivity, leash pulling, barking in the car, and being very needy around the house. All of these issues stemmed from a lack of confidence, as well as a lack of leadership. Bella needed someone to show her how to act, and to take over the role of being in charge of situations where Bella would normally get nervous. Once she had a leader to look up to, Bella made great strides.

Charlie, a Miniature Schnauzer from St Pete, Florida

He may be a mini schnauzer, but Charlie is a dog with a big personality! Many people think that small dogs do not need training, but that simply isn’t the case. Charlie is a classic case of a good dog becoming a great dog through obedience, manners, and healthy outlets for his abundant energy!

Axel, a German Shepherd from Riverview, FL

Axel is a young show line German Shepherd, who came to us for obedience foundations so that he can one day go on to be a service dog for his owner. Like most German Shepherd Dogs, Axel is a quick learner, and thrives when he is asked to perform and has a job to do. He now has all of the skills that he needs to be able to help his mom out down the road.

LeRoux, a French Bulldog from Seminole, Florida

LeRoux is another one of our small dog graduates from October. She was quite the wild child, and stole things around the house, pulled on the leash, reacted at dogs on walks, and was generally very hard to manage at home. A combination of management and training means that she is now able to work through these issues, and break through some habits that she has had for a long time.

Oreo, a Whippet from Seminole, Florida

Oreo was referred to us by the owners of our last whippet graduate, Emma! This incredible breed of sighthound has very high prey drive, and a tendency to run away both when spooked and when in pursuit of an animal. Oreo was very typical for the breed, and was obsessed with birds and squirrels that she saw when out and about. We taught her a solid recall, and now she can enjoy off leash time with her owner!


Refresher Graduate

Moxie, a Golden Doodle from Tampa, Florida

Moxie graduated from Full Service in July 2016, and he came back for a two week refresher to work on advanced skills and keeping up on his original training. Moxie can now enjoy more travel time with his owner, trips into town on the golf cart, and more freedom around the neighborhood.