Thank you to everyone who came to our January group class! We had a great turnout, even with the weather getting pretty chilly. Everyone who came got a special lecture on things to do at home to improve focus, obedience, and manners. Every dog can benefit from the information that we covered, and we are excited to see everyone back in February to help you progress further and further with your dogs.

Some of our clients have already started to take the next steps with the training of their Full Service graduates. Owen the Giant Schnauzer’s mom has been working very hard with him since he graduated, and he passed the Canine Good Citizen test just after class. He then took the Public Access test the following week and passed with flying colors. We are very proud of all that they have accomplished together as a team and are eager to see them progress in the world of therapy and service work.

Murphy the Golden Retriever is also onto bigger things. His owner’s love how the obedience training challenges him, but they wanted him to try more dog activities. He got some agility training here at The Doghouse before he returned home to Jacksonville, and he will soon be exploring Nosework training at home. Dog sports are great outlets for dogs, and there is an activity out there for every dog.

Here at The Doghouse we strive to be more than just another board and train program. When your dog comes for training here, you walk out of here as a client for life. The monthly group class is just the tip of the iceberg in keeping your dog tuned up and mentally active. Keep pushing yourselves, incorporating obedience into your lifestyle, and giving your dog’s the mental activity that they need. See everyone next month!