If you have ever had the opportunity to have Carrie evaluate, train, and explain your dog to you, you probably have received a glimpse of her brilliance …

Some who have an idea of how extraordinarily gifted she is, have asked me what it is like being married to her. So I will attempt in part to answer just that:

First, Carie has an unbelievable ability to empathize with dogs … and not in a modern popular incorrect way .. and not only in an understanding of breed’s needs and genetics .. but in a cognitive level for each specific dog that she can read from their body language that I can’t even attempt to describe.

Her ability to empathize with dogs is often reflected in who she is …

One attribute that attracts many dog owners is their loyalty to their family. One of the best parts of my job is seeing the excitement in dogs when their owners return to get them from boarding. In my five years of doing this, I have never seen a dog not recognize their owners and be happy about their return. So what is it like being married to Carrie … quite the same .. she is incredibly loyal to our Family!

If you own a dog, then you know that dogs live in the moment. And that is one characteristic Carrie also possesses. Coming from many years of being in the military to working with Carrie was a dramatic change, to say the least. Plans change day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute .. and for a reason, I often have no earthly idea 🙃 Although this is often frustrating, her ability to live in the moment is one of her most admirable qualities … we all should do more.

Carrie often says dogs need leadership. I am honored Carrie allows me to be that leader in her life. I usually don’t get it right admittedly, and knowing the right thing is not always easy. But it’s an honor to be a husband to her to whom her intelligence way surpasses my own.

Yes, I did write this in part to give Carrie accolades. And No, it’s not because I “must be in the DogHouse” (thank all of you for overusing that pun with me 😏). But I give her credit where credit is due.. and wanted to provide you with a bigger glimpse into who Carrie is … my Wife.