It is not the dog’s job to create boundaries for their space. A baby does not understand dog communication and body language to be able to protect them from being bitten. Depending on your breed of dog and what their bite style is would depend on the severity of the damage they can do when “correcting” your child. Leaving it to the dog to control the situation is very dangerous. We the parents need to be aware of all interactions between the dog and baby to know whether it is a healthy relationship. A dog will not bite without warning, but they will bite when all their warning signals go unnoticed or are disregarded.

Remember, dogs can’t verbally communicate to people when they are uncomfortable or stressed. Understanding the signs that your dog is trying to give is crucial in the prevention of any potential bite.

Avoidance and displacement behaviors are your dog’s best communication that they are uncomfortable with a situation and that “stressors” are starting to accumulate. It is critical to recognize your dog’s individual responses if you want to create a balanced environment between your dog and your baby.