Our approach to dog training is quite simple. Our training philosophy is to train the dog in front of us!

That means we shape behaviors, correct behaviors, and think in unorthodox ways (which The Doghouse, LLC is notorious for).

You are hiring us for our experience, proven results (1000 videos of trained dogs of all breeds and ages), reputation in the community, accomplishments with our personal competition dogs, and the reviews of hundreds of pet dog clients living in harmony with their beloved dog.

With that comes the relief of knowing that we are familiar with every training tool on the market and every form of motivation to ensure your dog’s best interest is first and foremost during their training journey.

Training the dog in front of us is not a “one size fits all” model.

We do not create robots at The Doghouse, and who would want that anyway!? Each dog is an individual with unique character traits, personalities, and drives. Training should only add to your dog, not suppress it.

An excellent dog trainer means being versatile in which approach helps either inhibit undesired behaviors or teach a new skill set. Connecting with the dog not just through training tools but through a relationship, being intertwined in their mind, and building a leadership role out of mutual respect for one another is how we model our Full-Service Training Programs.

If we have the privilege of getting to train your dog, we don’t take that for granted. Your dog is the one with the training philosophy on life so far and it’s our job to teach them reliable obedience, proper outlets, and safe boundaries to ensure they live in harmony with your family and lifestyle.

I’m always curious to know what their owners’ “training philosophy” was to get them to this point.

During a meet and greet, we will establish a history of behavior and get a sense of the owner’s training goals so that expectations are consistent and appropriate for the dog.  We will explain in detail the psychology behind the approach we suggest for your dog and you will leave confident in knowing we have invested in your dog as an individual.  Our utmost priority is creating harmony between dogs and their owners, and giving both the skills to live happy, fulfilled lives. Here at the Doghouse, we believe the specific method or tool used in training isn’t as important as the lifelong relationship and line of communication that training creates between owners and dogs.