Dr. Debbye Turner Bell got a rare look at how the canines of the ATF, and their handlers, train. Watch the CBS Video

The Doghouse LLC and Carrie had the privilege of training numerous ATF dogs in obedience.  These canines would need absolute reliable obedience and the methods that Carrie used were easily transitioned to the ATF handlers.  These dogs were trained in numerous locations all over St Petersburg and Tampa, using environmental distractions such as people downtown, dogs who are out for a stroll, Seg way tours, busy Central Ave, parking garages, the Tampa airport, bike riders, restaurant scenarios, and runners along the waterways all to proof their obedience. It is very important that dogs who are doing patrol work are safe to be around the public. A dog who is dangerous to civilians will not do the ATF any good, because these dogs cannot be safely used in the environments where they are needed. Each of the eight dogs that we trained for the program was very stable and sound.

These dogs are selected to have rock solid temperaments and great food and toys drives.  Some of the dogs used in the ATF were from the same lines of Carrie’s competition Malinois (Belgian Shepherds), Ajax and Genghis.  Having a genetically correct dog that has working dogs in their lineage, balanced with the desire to work and please, are the perfect components to make training excel. The training that we then give these dogs allows the ATF to utilize their full potential. Carrie’s background in police dogs is from her father, Bill Silva, a former K9 handler for the St Petersburg Police department,  helped aid in understanding what is needed to accomplish a successful working partner that also has the ability to be social and sound in public settings.

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