My journey into animal care developed naturally throughout my life, beginning with a genuine love of animals, big and small. As a young kid, I loved to play with my neighbor’s dogs and take them on walks. I once said, “Find me a job where I can exercise and play with dogs.” I was an active teen and was involved in various sports and hobbies, many continuing to this day. I enjoyed roller skating and was a member of a roller derby team in 2017. I also have an associate’s degree in the arts and enjoyed exploring new ideas and growing as a person. A few years out of college, I finally found a job that spoke to my talents and interests working at a doggy daycare. There I could play and exercise with dogs of all breeds and sizes.

After the pandemic, when many things changed, I found myself working back in retail and was not the same person I was when working with dogs. I decided to venture back into the world of animal care and came across The Doghouse, LLC. It seemed like a perfect fit. I applied and was accepted immediately, as it was an excellent match for the existing team and me. When I started, I quickly found myself back in my element.

At The Doghouse LLC, my responsibility is to care for all the dogs that come to stay overnight with us. This job description includes keeping the kennel sparkling clean/sanitary, ensuring that dogs get their proper feedings/meds and that every dog gets adequate attention and playtime. I’ve recently been promoted to Wooddell Lab Supervisor and assist in their English Labrador Retriever breeding program by caring for the Labs and helping to raise the puppies from their litters.

I am passionate about the dogs in my care and their physical and mental well-being. I take pride in running a clean and orderly kennel and enjoying interacting with all the clients that come through with their beloved pets.