Preparing Your Dog For A Baby

Expecting families sometimes worry about how their dog will respond to the arrival of a newborn.  Most family dogs are not trained for this specific interaction.  If you do not properly prepare your dog for the upcoming changes that surround bringing home a baby, circumstances may lead to: re-homing the dog, isolation, or having major concerns for the dog and baby’s safety.  A dog that is not properly trained and then introduced to a newborn can create extra tension and stress during a precious time in your family’s life.

Are you part of an expecting or growing family and you’re not sure how your dog will respond to the arrival of a newborn?  Or do you know an expecting family and think they can benefit from this information?

If so, The Doghouse, LLC has provided additional information to help. Dogs to Diapers is a film created to take you through the process of preparing your dog for a new baby. It will help you to train your dog for when the baby arrives, understand the personality/breed of your dog, and coach you on how to correctly introduce your newborn and dog for that first time magical moment.

Dogs to Diapers also covers subjects such as: how your dog’s purpose will change with the new addition to the family, debunking many old wives tales about dogs and babies, baby developmental stages and how it affects your dog, and how to read your dog’s body language to ensure a healthy dynamic between dog and baby.