Last summer started what we like to call a Doodle explosion around the Tampa Bay area. We were getting tons of calls from clients wanting to enroll their Doodles into obedience training, and that trend has stayed consistent.

A Doodle is any mix-breed dog that has a Poodle in its predecessors. The suffix -Doodle is then added to the breed that is crossed with a Poodle: Bernadoodles, Australian Doodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Doodle everything, and since last summer, we have been training it!

With their popularity trending, we have vast experience teaching obedience to these intelligent, energetic dogs and have been seen all around Downtown St Petersburg with them. Our success from the Full Service Training offered at The Doghouse is a balance of reliable obedience, proper outlets, owner’s goals, and manners tailored for this active breed. With that recipe, they make fantastic family dogs, service dogs, and companions.

Here is a playlist of all the Doodles that we have trained. See them performing obedience around dog distractions, bicycles, at restaurants, and all around town.

Even though Doodle’s are most popular among young families, you should consider that most of their common traits associate them with working dogs. A “working dog” has strong food drives, can be moderate to highly active, and needs to understand rules and boundaries around the home and in public. Some of the common issues of the Doodles we have met before training include counter surfing, pulling on the leash, not coming when called, jumping up on everybody/everything, barking, being mouthy, and leash reactivity (towards dogs, objects with wheels, and people).

Behind The Mix

When considering the “Poodle” side of the equation, they can be sensitive dogs that are easy to guide and not overly difficult to train. They are impressionable with obedience and want to please their owners. Once given a job and the purpose in the home, they thrive.

When the dynamic of mixing a Poodle with a Lab, Aussie, Golden, or Bernese Mountain Dog, you are then combining a dog who could have a high play/prey drive. Since behavior and personality are genetic, we often have to wait and see how your Doodle develops to understand how to satisfy their needs and desires fully. Having a solid base of reliable obedience can help you manage a working dog into a successful home environment where the dog gets the proper outlets.

So What Started All The Doodle Hype?

I believe it is due to their lower shedding (and sometimes hypoallergenic coats, DO YOUR RESEARCH to ensure this.) It is important to note that your Doodle’s coat can be difficult to predict. Even the same litter of puppies could have diverse types of coats! Doodle coats are notorious for getting matted, so you should plan to brush your Doodle regularly or keep their hair short by a groomer.

Another desirable quality of owning a Doodle is adding a loving, active, intelligent companion that brings life and joy to a household.

Can A Doodle Be A Great Family Dog?

Certainly! To a committed family that is active, social, and agrees to the importance of dog training! Doodles tend to be “puppy-like” and immature for a long time. If you have a hectic family schedule, a Doodle might not be the best choice. They need patience and consistency, especially when puppies. Consider a board and train dog obedience program before getting your pup. It could be the right fit to ensure your Doodle is getting off to the right start. Doodles tend to have a lot of energy that needs to be channeled constructively. If not, they tend to create undesirable jobs and become frustrating to live with and take in public. Remember, they can be a high-drive cross of a working dog breed, but you can truly appreciate who they are once you respect their specific needs and genetics.

Contact The Doghouse, LLC if you have any questions about Doodles or their training. If you’re in St Pete/Tampa area, we would love the opportunity to meet you and your Doodle.