genghis blog 1

Genghis is now a 3 time Mondio ring 3 with scores of 375.5, 321 and 343.

It has been an awesome journey that started with Genghis’ dad Ajax. The first time I saw Mondio ring was in
Belgium and I instantly fell in love with the sport. I never was able to get the level 3 title with Ajax and then
Genghis came along.
He was able to finish what we started. I am so grateful to all the decoys/trainers that have been
there along the journey, especially Todd Dunlap and Dave Kroyer.
I am forever grateful to Barry Bonds for believing in me and letting me take his dog and make it as far as we did. The memories I have from these experiences will forever be etched in my heart.
My passion, respect and appreciation for the sport of Mondio ring is endless.

I am floating on a cloud right now and I can’t believe we have a chance for a spot on the World Team.

Here are some pics from the trial.

genghis blog 2

me and barry genghis level 3