We had a great month with lots of new faces as well as some of our former graduates coming back for refresher training! Take a look at the dogs who graduated in September, and check back as we have lots more graduating in October.


New Graduate

Eden, a German Shepherd from Clearwater, Florida

Eden is an 18 month old female German Shepherd who is out of working lines. She is the 5th German Shepherd Dog that her family has sent for a Full Service board and train at The Doghouse, and we loved working with their newest addition. Eden has great drives, and loves to work.


Refresher Graduates

Brody, a Standard Poodle from Palmetto, Florida

Brody came for a refresher training session while his sister Koko is doing her Distraction Training program. He is a typical standard poodle with his intelligence, good manners, and responsiveness to his owner. Now that his commands have been refreshed, he will be all ready when Koko comes home.

Lilly Belle, a German Shepherd Dog from Tampa, Florida

Lilly Belle first graduated from training last year, and she came for a refresher training week to tighten up her skills. You may have seen her if you came to the September group class where she rocked a place command for an hour and a half. Lilly Belle is now back in Hyde Park living the good life.

Maude, a Labrador Retriever from Clearwater, Florida

Maude is famous around The Doghouse for breaking out of her yard within 5 minutes of being at the kennel! While she started off her stay here in a rebellious way, she is now a very well mannered girl who has great manners and obedience skills.

Nova, a Boxer Mix from St Petersburg, Florida

Nova is a high energy, high drive boy who loves having a job to do. He is also a bit too smart for his own good, and sometimes he was trying to cheat on his stays and places. After a week back at the kennel he is back to doing everything perfectly, and is back home to continue being an awesome member of the family.