Our most recent group of training dogs was very diverse in both breeds and the owners’ training goals. We are excited to have had the chance to work with these dogs and see them now doing so well in their homes.

Here are some of our most recent graduates.

Poppy, a Golden Retriever from St Petersburg, FL

Poppy is a classic case of taking a great dog and making her better. She has the perfect Golden Retriever temperament but also sometimes likes to push some boundaries at home. Poppy had a solid foundation, so she came back for two weeks so that her owners would have more tools to manage and communicate with her at home.

Poppy | Golden Retriever | Training in Town

Sadie, a Catahoula from Tampa, FL

Sadie is a lovely young Catahoula Leopard Dog who needed some manners and some confidence. She tends to get nervous around strange men, but with people, she knows she is awful about jumping, pulling on the leash, and trying to wander out of the yard to greet other dogs. Now her owners have all of the commands that they need to manage Sadie in any situation.

Sadie | Catahoula | Training at Kennel

Isabella, a German Shepherd from Tampa, FL

Isabella’s owners were at their wit’s end when they called us for dog training. She was very mouthy, would bolt off-leash, was reactive toward passing dogs, and was a seasoned puller. Now that she has graduated, Bella is a reformed citizen and a much easier dog to handle.

Isabella | GSD | Training Downtown St Pete

Tori, a Biewer Terrier from Dunedin, FL

Tori is a spunky young terrier who struggled with potty training, attention barking, and general manners. We solved these issues through a multiple-part approach which included giving her new jobs, building a clear communication system, and getting her on a consistent schedule.

Tori | Biewer Yorkie | Training Downtown St Pete

Bunji, an Australian Labradoodle from Tampa, FL

Bunji had a bad experience with another dog that left her leash reactive and hard to walk. We used obedience to build her confidence and security and showed her that not every dog out there is something to be worried about. She lives in a very high-traffic area, so this training was crucial in helping her be comfortable at home and out and about.

Bunji | Doodle | Training Downtown St Pete

Hurley, a Pomski from Jupiter, FL

Hurley took more after the husky side than he did the Pomeranian! He would get mouthy, pull on a leash, and be easily distracted. Hurley took more repetitions of the commands than our average student, but he ended up being a model citizen when he graduated.

Hurley | Pomski | Obedience Downtown

Bentley, a Doodle from Pinellas Park, FL

Bentley was pretty unusual for a doodle because he had some significant fear issues with new people and was reactive on leash. We trained multiple times at Bentley’s apartment complex to ensure that his training transferred over when he finally went home. He tested a few times when we first took him back there, but he worked through it and made significant progress.

Bentley | Doodle | Week 1 Training

Iris, a Doberman from Oldsmar, FL

Iris is a young Doberman whose strong genetics made her a problematic dog for her owners. She was reactive toward people and dogs, pulled badly on the leash, would fence fight with the neighbor dogs, and she was resource guarding against the other dog in the house. Giving Iris straightforward jobs, rules, and guidelines has helped her be happier and do more with her owners.

Iris | Doberman | Socialization Training

Dot, a Foxhound from Bellair Beach, FL

Dot is a rescue dog who had a rough past, but her owner has given her a bright new future. Dot’s most significant issues were separation anxiety and leash pulling, which she worked through while learning that new environments don’t have to be scary or worrisome.

Dot | English Foxhound | Dog Training St Petersburg FL

Beau, an Australian Shepherd from Pinellas Park, FL

Beau’s owners did a fantastic job of setting a good foundation of obedience with him. He knew all of his basic obedience, but he had some behavior issues that are pretty typical to herding breeds. His reactivity toward dogs and people passing the house is a controlling behavior that he has worked through beautifully.

Beau | Australian Shepherd | Heeling and Recalls

Fergus, a French Bulldog from Seminole, FL

Fergus the Frenchie was one of our most challenging cases. Fergus is a Rottweiler in a Frenchie body and tends to be pushy and hyperactive in the house. He was nippy with visitors, and it was impossible to walk him in the neighborhood. Now Fergus’ world has gotten much more prominent because the new protocols we gave his family make him much easier to manage.

Fergus | French Bulldog | Training Downtown St Petersburg

Floki, a Doberman from St Pete, FL

Floki is an excellent Red Doberman whose owner had jumpstarted his training as a puppy. Because of his foundation, we were able to take Floki above and beyond. Now that he is entirely off-leash trained, Floki can go more places and do more things with his owner.

Floki | Doberman | Training in Town

Tucker, a Labrador Retriever from Lithia, FL

Tucker is a Labrador retriever who is from the excellent TruPride Labrador Retrievers. He made significant progress in training with us, and now he is much easier for his family to handle. His additional off-leash training now lets his family explore more when they have him out and about.

Tru Pride’s Tucker on and off-leash obedience