The Doghouse LLC is pleased to announce that we now offer full-service dog boarding to the public. We welcome working dogs, sport dogs, and pet dogs.

To reserve your spot, please get in touch with the kennel at 727-201-9790 to set up a prerequisite boarding evaluation for your dog.

Rules for boarding at The Doghouse:

  • Minimum of a three-night stay
  • Must pass Pre-Requisite Evaluation
  • Up-to-date on shots, rabies, heart guard, flea/tick prevention
  • Drop off and pick up by appointment only
  • Prices are $40 per night, $55 per night for aggressive dogs, $15 to go home bath if you want.

What to expect while boarding at the Doghouse LLC:

  • Air Conditioned Facility
  • Multiple Playgroups per Day
  • One-on-One Attention
  • Immaculate Cleaning Standards
  • Small Personable Staff

As primarily a dog training facility and animal behaviorists, everything done here is
done with your dog’s best interest in mind! A Vet Tech lives on site for the safety of your dog.  When your dog comes to the board with us, we take the time to get to know your dog individually, and having a smaller staff allows us that personable touch.  You will know and recognize all of us at The Doghouse, and so will your dog.  We don’t allow for a hectic, loud, and chaotic environment with continuous barking.  Remember, we are focused more on being a training environment, not a revolving door boarding kennel.  Your dog will be content and stress-free within our structured routine.  We provide plenty of outside time and have a huge outdoor area for your dog to enjoy. We do a flea check on every dog that comes through our doors before entering the play yards.  We also offer a go-home bath at the end of your dog’s stay for a $15 charge.  We have a mandatory meet/greet requirement to ensure that we are the right fit for your dog’s boarding needs.  Because we are a smaller facility, we do book up fast around the weekends and holidays.  Please contact us for more details; we would love to add your dog to our extended “Doghouse Family.”