Foundation Full Service Training

The Foundation Full Service Training Program is designed for dogs 6 months of age and older. This 3 week training program is held at our training facility and focuses on reliable leash obedience around distractions including; playing dogs, clients coming and going, the industrial park, the apartment above the kennel, and the local Frisbee field.

Additionally, the Foundation Full Service Training is specified to the majority of common issues that happen around the dog’s house including; jumping, digging, barking, counter surfing, bolting out doors, chewing, and any specific issue pertaining to your individual dog.

This program is geared toward clients who’s main goals and objectives are centered around their dog’s obedience in their home, local neighborhood, and regular park. The results of this training will also include any customized goals we discuss during the meet/greet and the 9 basic obedience commands that are listed below:

All Full Service Programs include learning in the following 9 commands:

  • Heel
  • Automatic sit while heeling
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Door stays/car stays
  • Come
  • Place
  • OK (the release command)
*For a detailed description of each command and the expectation please click here

Sit – In this exercise the dog’s behind needs to be making contact with the floor. No hovering!

Down – In this exercise the dog’s elbows need to touch the floor.

Heel – In this exercise the dog is be in position on the left side (unless discussed other wise during the meet/greet). Your dog’s shoulder should line up with your knee and the leash should be “loose” at all times.

Stay – In this exercise you can leave the dog either in a sit position or a down position. The dog has to hold that position until you come back to the dog and release them. *It is very important you never release the dog from the stay position if you are away from the dog. I don’t want the dog to confuse stay and come. They are complete opposite exercises. Walk back to the spot you assigned the sit or down and give the release word “OK” to allow them to break the position.

Come – In this exercise we wait until the dog is “free roaming” then you say the dog’s name and the COME command. The dog should stop what it’s doing and come to you. The dog just needs to be in a 1 yard radius of you and not leave until you give them the release command “OK”

Place – In this exercise you will assign your dog to a specific “Place.” The definition of a place is anything that is elevated off the ground or has a texture difference. Examples are: dog beds, kuranda beds, park benches, backseats of cars, you can be creative and challenge your dog! The same rules apply as in the stay position.

No – This is the command we use to mark a behavior we want the dog to change.

Good – This is a command we tell our dogs to let them know they are doing what we want and that if they continue this behavior they will get rewarded or eventually be given the release command “OK”

OK – Release word to end any exercise

Off – This command is used for jumping on people or furniture. If the dog’s feet leave the ground we would say NO OFF.

Out -To release a toy

Enough – This is a command we use around the kennel for barking. If your dog is barking and you want them to stop you would say this.

Mannerisms your dog knows from the training with-out having to say a specific command: Not bolting out a door that is opened, not jumping out the car when the door is opened, not rushing out of a crate when you open the door, sitting before their meals, sitting to get their collar and leash put on, not jumping to great guest, not counter surfing/begging, not being overly pushy for attention.

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